Thomas Machin

I create Websites and Manage Blogs

In Victoria, BC

My Work

Beekeeping Blog

Created using Wordpress and a highly Customized theme.

Game Company Blog

Custom wordpress sub-theme using the Genesis framework.

Web Arcade

Web arcade for desktop and mobile

Created using html5 and CSS.

My Projects

Current Weather

Uses browser geo-location and the OpenWeather API to tell you what the weather is doing.

Created in javascript with jQuery.

Javascript Blackjack

It's Blackjack created in pure javascript. Play it in your browser.

The source is also available on github.

PHP Blog

I decided to try and see if I could make my own PHP based blogging system.

You can take a peek at the source code on github.

What I do

I aim to provide a professional web presence to businesses and individuals. This includes:

Responsive Web Design
Sites that adapt to mobile, tablet, and desktop screens.
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
Get your site noticed on search engines.
Custom Sites
Unique sites built using html5, CSS and jQuery.
Wordpress theme development
Themes to fit the needs of your site and brand.
Wordpress setup and/or management
Get your blog up and running, and leave the details to me.

About Me

I am a web developer/designer located in Victoria BC.

I enjoy the exploring the ever changing landscape of web development and finding the best way to put web technologies to work for my clients.

If I'm not doing web development, I'm probably off doing Archaeology or making web games.

Contact Me

Does your business need a website? Or are you looking for a web designer to join your team? Have you always wanted to start a blog but don't know how?

Send me a message!

I can be reached at